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I love watching these TV channel in where Americans do DIY with the repairs in their homes. That they are the one who will remove and repair everything from scratch. From bath, bedroom, patio and to kitchen projects. What are in common with all of the projects that needed tiles, cement board. Wood boards.

With SGC and Mariwasa, they are providing quality products that they told me that even I could do my DIY at home.




Mr. Jakkrit Suwansilp of Mariwasa Siam-Ceramic Vp for Sales and Marketing was saying:


Jakkrit Suwansilp of SCG

“Filipinos have become more particular with the type of materials that make up their home. As SCG aims to be the leader in sustainability and innovations, the conglomerate strives for excellence in research and development (R&D) as it develops high-quality, uniquely designed and environment-friendly products with most advanced technology that meet the demands of our customers.”


SCG Smartboard

  • Water and termite-resistant fiber-cement board made with Firm & Flex technology for durability and flexibility.


SCG Smartwood

  • A fiber-cement wood substitute with Color-loc technology to ensure enduring quality and design.
  • can be used for different ceiling, wall, and flooring applications


CONVENIC Toilet Seat and Cover Model C9200


  • C9200 comes with a remote that controls the different functionalities such as the moving oscillating wash, heated seat, and the deodorization system.
  • Comes with special nozzles that are anti-microbial, ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene.


Here a video on how easy to do you’re DIY at home.


Knowing about their products made me realize what materials I should get when we get to do our house repairs. Powered with knowledge like this will not only beneficial to our home it is also benefit our budget.

Why would you purchase cheap materials if this would only last a few years or months? We should invest in a material that has stood the test of time giving quality products. I am saying this and sharing what I learned about SCG and Mariwasa that I feel confident about their product.

SCG and Mariwasa

I will post an update once we begin our house repairs from our roof, tiles, flooring etc. It is time our 40years old home gets some pampering and upgrading. See you on my next update people!

SCG and Mariwasa 2

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