Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2014

Just yesterday of April 26, 2014 I was privileged to attend the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2014 was held at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center. Preggy moms looking forward in some fun and educational activities attended the event.


The whole program was hosted by no other than DJ Delamar of RX93.1.


Smart Parenting Baby Shower DJ Delamar



The first part of the program was Co-director of Shiphrah Birthing Homes, Ms. Deborah Anne Gustafson, demonstrates some exercises for our preggy guests. She discusses about option of birthing alternatives for pregnant women.



Activities such as yoga session is offered to preggy moms wanted to learning in how yoga can also be done during pregnancy and ways to relax.


There are also games like “Finish the Baby Rhyme” and “Dress up My Mommy”.

The Mechanics of the Finish the Baby Rhyme
  • The host will read a line from a baby rhyme to be finished by the group.
  • Group has to write their answers on the blank paper given to them.
  • The Host will say a go signal for every group will raise their answers.
  • A group with the wrong answers will be out of the game and will not be able to join the next round.
The Mechanics of Dress up my Mommy
  • The group of mommies needed to pick one person to be their dress up mommy
  • The group will be using tissue paper to make their mommy representative outfit.
  • Only 5 minutes is given and judges will choose the best and most creative outfit.

g Baby Shower dress me up 2 g Baby Shower dress me up 1



Another guest speaker Fashion stylist and new mom Margaux Romero-Alampay shares fashion do’s and don’ts for moms. That even your pregnant you can still look and feel good until you have given birth.




g Baby Shower 11





When you have given birth, you will feel any mother would, experience is the post-partum depression. The topic was discussed by Ms. Aiza Caparas-Tabayoyong and she explained in how to handle such depressions that been affecting moms after given birth. In addition, she had discussed in how you will show your love to your children in the years to come.




Thank you to Smart Parenting in giving me chance to be part of Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2014 and looking forward for future events to come.


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