Smart Parenting Baby Shower with Oilatum


Last August 23 at Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center celebrated the Smart Parenting Baby Shower with Oilatum. This is my second time attending the Smart Parenting Baby Shower and exciting seeing pregnant mommies preparing for their bundle of joy.

DJ Delamar Arias of “The Morning Rush”

DJ Delamar Arias of “The Morning Rush”



The baby shower is hosted by the beautiful DJ Delamar Arias of “The Morning Rush”. The purpose of the event is to educate expectant moms what to expect and needed to know about their babies.

They first session discussed about proper nutrition needed by any pregnant moms. The second part of the session discussed about Common Skin Diseases. It is also demonstrated in how to bathe




Of course, to make every baby shower fun they had two contests the first is Oilatum Tallest Tower. The moms should use the Oilatum bars, alphabet blocks and the cotton container in building their tallest tower. Only two representatives per table are allowed and the winning pair and their tablemates will win gift packs from Oilatum.

During the breakout some mommies attended the Preggy Yoga to help them learn to relax and be fit while expecting. While the other moms waiting for the Preggy Yoga to finish they are thought about infant massage.

As icebreaker they had another contest in where per table was assigned to create a dress that any baby will wear made with one roll of tissue paper.

The whole event definitely gave joy to our expectant mom’s. Watch out for upcoming events you can check out their Facebook page and follow them on twitter @_smartparenting.


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