Superbook now back for kids

I remember when I was young I often watch Superbook that’s during the 1981’s. Not because it’s the only good anime cartoon series I could watch at that time. But the stories behind every series of it. I get to watch and learn the same time about the Bible. I admit I’m not the kind of person would read and would remember details. I am a person who is more visual as others would say. I always watch Superbook along The Flying House and I still love it.

I usually my kids would ask me about stories about the Bible and stuff and I tell them that there’s a tv episode Superbook I always watch. They will just scratch their heads in thinking what’s the tv show looks like during my time and thinking it’s “korny”.

Superbook is all out a magical book (Timebook) that could speak and send Christopher and Joy during the early events of the New Testament. They are always accompanied with Gizmo the robot that can walk, talk and needed to be wounded up to work like any other walking robot.

Superbook old As you can see from these old picture Christopher, Joy and Gizmo. I would never forget Ruffles Chris’s small Yorkshire Terrier dog that one episode got sent back in time and Chris, Joy and Gizmo have to get Ruffles back.

Now I’m happy to be one of lucky people to informed that Superbook is making a comeback. It’s already re-animated with the new look of both Chris, Joy and Gizmo. Now my kids would have quality cartoons that they can enjoy and the same time learn about the Bible.


Superbook Apps

As a parent I always worry there are so little cartoon shows that bring good quality shows that the kids could learn. Hopefully the children of these generation would embrace the message of the show and like me would cherish it.

As parents what can you say about Superbook? Do you think it would help our kids in learning about the Bible? Or it’s just any ordinary cartoon you can find?


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