Under the Dome Season 3 : Did they got out of the Dome?

Under the Dome is a story of a town named Chester’s Mill, Maine got cut off from the rest of the world and is enclosed by a transparent dome. No one can get in or out of the town. The town people are in the panic what happened and food becoming to be scares. People are starting to get sick and die for no clear reason.

In the season two of the Under the Dome they got to discover about this black egg that in the center of the forest is found. They don’t know what it can do and why it’s there.

I watch not only Under the dome but also Extant, Scorpion, Elementary, House of Cards and Beauty and the Beast. Under the Dome is that brings the Drama, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller and Mystery in one show. 

UNDER THE DOME, based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel and executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

Season 3 follows the Dome’s descent on the sleepy town of Chester’s Mill, where inhabitants have been forced to adapt. As new dangers emerge, battle lines are drawn that will alter relationships in ways none of them could imagine. For this town, the true threat to the human spirit’s resilience is no longer just the invisible dome that has cut them off from civilization – but it is the enemy within.

Under the Dome Season 3 will be aired this coming July 1, 2015, Wednesday at 9:55pm and it will be a two-hour première.

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