Amazing Shoe Rack Review

Ever have problems where your going to put all of your shoes? Hate it when your are all on the floor and sometimes have a missing pair of your shoes. I just discovered the Amazing Shoe Rack. At first I was excited about it and got so curious does this Amazing Shoe rack will do it job.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: (LxWxH)cm 51x24x140 cm
  • Material: Steel tube / Plastic
  • Packing: Each PC in a box
  • Has 10 tiers
  • Can Store up to 30 Pairs of shoes
  • Light weight & portable
  • Easy to Fold & Store
  • Easy to assemble & Dis-assemble
  • Suitable for slippers, flats, sneakers, kids’ shoes
  • Constructed with Strong Metal Pipes & Plastic Parts and Connectors
  • not intended for heavy shoes, such as working boots, rubber shoes, leather shoes
  • Suggested place is against the wall or corner.

download (3)What is Amazing Shoe Rack?

This Amazing Shoe Rack comes in black or white. They say you can store up 30 pairs of shoes within it’s 10 layers. That can only be achieved is you put slippers, flats, sneakers and kid’s shoes. Once you have rubber shoes, leather shoes, boots you can only put 2 pairs per rack so you will only have 20 pairs.

Where you can place the Amazing Shoe Rack?

It is advisable to place the Amazing Shoe rack against the wall or at the corner. Avoid the rack to be moved or else the metal tubing can be disassembled. You can place it outside before your door entrance. So nobody will bring their shoes inside the house. Can also be place at the bedroom or hallway.

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Amazing Shoe Rack

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  • shoes can be organized in one rack
  • it will only occupy a small part of floor space
  • easy to assemble and dis-assemble
  • its lightweight and portable


  • to make 30 pairs in the Amazing Shoe rack you need to place only slippers, flats, sneakers, and kid’s shoes
  • You can only place 2 pairs per rack if your placing rubber shoes, leather shoes or boots.
  • it is unstable once you place big shoes because of the weight.
  • cannot handle heavy shoes
  • in long term the plastic support can be brittle and deform especially once heavy shoes is placed.
  • the price varies depending on who is the seller. You can buy the item online and be delivered at your home if you decide.

Amazing Shoe Rack

Recommendation: If you only have light weight shoes this one can be a lifesaver of space for you. But if you have big shoes like rubber shoes, leather shoes or any I would advice you to get a much sturdy shoe rack to place your shoes.

 ** This review is not anyway sponsored or paid. I wrote about the product and wanted to share my experience about the product. Everything is my opinion and not influenced by any company.
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