Toshiba Philippines launched their high-end laptops


Today Toshiba Philippines has just launched their line of high-end laptops.  Toshiba Philippines is stepping up in the market to show that their laptop can meet the needs of consumer for the best laptop.

Toshiba Philippines

Toshiba Philippines has all the laptop that anyone would look for from gaming to entertainment and to touch screens.


During the question and answer I got to ask that they said their laptops are slimmer and lighter. So I asked with that how about the cooling of their laptops. Surely that because of that the cooling system surely compromised. Toshiba Philippines pointed that they had the latest processor so there would no worries. The latest processor is energy-efficient and won’t heat up that easy.


My son Jeremy of also asked about their warranties. We were not answered directly but we are told that someone will talk to us about that. So someone from Toshiba Philippines in-charge in sales and warranty explained to us. That their warranty varies to each laptop. Some has only one year warranty and for the premium laptops has 3 years warranty. All of their laptops are local warranty only so if your going to buy their laptops and go abroad so no warranty. We are not sure if they have these option for having an international and extended warranty.

Qosmio x70

We got to play with their gaming laptop the Qosmio x70 after the event. Just so funny their unit the Qosmio x70 goes BSOD better known as “Blue Screen of death”. Another observation that we notice during gaming the Qosmio x70 getting so hot that we all know that’s not a good sign. Every gamer would not get a laptop that would easily heat up and having to experience BSOD during game time. I could say these things coz I own a gaming laptop that has a good cooling system and really value with my money. I just hope that Toshiba Philippines would get to make some upgrades with their cooling system. That the most important factor are consumer is looking for.


I opted to post the press release with their specification in a separate post so you decide to get a Toshiba. I never got to use the other laptops and I can’t say much about their performance for this time.

If your going to ask me is Toshiba laptop a good choice? I could say yes of course. Toshiba has been in the Philippines since I was high-school. I even own one of their satellite laptop that helped me in my school works. You don’t have to worry coz as what I remember their factory or warehouse is just at Laguna Technopark. So if having and looking for parts for your laptop won’t be a problem.

We could give Toshiba a chance and it’s just now they are stepping up in the Philippine market.


Here are the press release and details of each laptops:

Toshiba P Series

Toshiba Satellite P Series

Toshiba L Series

Toshiba Satellite L-series


Toshiba Qosmio X70

Portégé Z10t

Toshiba Portégé Z10t




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