UPS powered by Lithium-ion: The Future of UPS Technology for Hybrid Working Setup 

Mandaluyong City, Philippines – It’s safe to say that virtually all data-driven enterprises require a steady power supply to remain viable. And now that the landscape of work setups is continuously evolving, uninterrupted power is essential for productivity to thrive.

According to a study by SEEK Asia, when the work-from-home setup was applied in the Philippines because of the pandemic, 85 percent of Filipinos switched. However, in the same data, almost 97 percent prefer a hybrid setup over a full work-from-home setup.

While the current working arrangement is no longer fully remote as the world is slowly returning to normal, it is evident that the work-from-home setup opened new challenges for enterprises an inadequate setup for employees that is not conducive for work, the devices that employees use are not as efficient compared to the devices onsite, or work is more prone to interruption due to unpredictable power outages.

“Nowadays, hybrid setup is the new normal. To make this setup effective, enterprises must consider the power supply issues looming on the horizon. To solve potential power interruption issues is a robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. While there are efficient UPS solutions in the market, we foresee lithium-ion as the go-to power source for UPS systems regardless of your enterprise,” said Jason Lim, country manger, Vertiv Philippines.

Here’s how the new UPS powered by lithium-ion can enable a more efficient hybrid setup: Compact, lightweight, and flexible in installation. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than their lead-acid counterparts.

Therefore, this battery has been used in digital watches, smartphones, and other portable electronic devices. Lithium-ion-powered UPSs weigh about 40 percent to 60 percent. This reduced weight gives lithium-ion UPS systems a more compact footprint giving you a lot more flexibility regarding where to install them.

Longer service life. UPS with lithium-ion has a reliable service lifespan of up to 15 years. Due to its long lifespan, it is more cost effective since you won’t have to change your UPS frequently. Moreover, this long service life also makes lithium-ion systems almost maintenance-free, making them suitable for a wider range of applications.

High heat tolerance and capacity. Lithium-ion batteries’ most evident advantage is their tolerance to high heat environments. Lithium-ion batteries can function in temperatures of up to 40°C without significant loss in performance. This means you don’t have to invest in a more elaborate cooling system when employing a lithium-ion UPS system which, makes it perfect for work-from-home setups..

Besides increased tolerance to heat, lithium-ion batteries also have a higher energy density which means a lithium-ion UPS can offer more energy to different devices.

Faster recharge and monitoring capabilities. For a UPS system to offer the best benefits, its batteries need to recharge as quickly as possible. Lithium-ion batteries require just two to four hours to be fully recharged.

Another benefit exclusive to lithium-ion batteries and their UPS versions is their integrated battery management system (BMS). This system safeguards the battery against charging, thermal, and current issues to optimize battery charging and extend its service life.

Lower overall costs. Overall, you get what you pay for with a lithium-ion-powered UPS. It is an excellent investment, especially if you are an enterprise that wants to invest in a complete hybrid working setup. In an exercise conducted by Vertiv, they concluded that you could get a return on your investment with a lithium-ion system making it valuable enough to save money.

Given the crucial nature of hybrid setups and its role in keeping businesses operational, efficient, and profitable, the choice of UPS systems is not to be taken lightly. For its part, Vertiv aims to ensure that it ticks all these factors for its customers so they can ensure their business continuity.

Vertiv brings together cutting-edge lithium-ion UPS solutions, helping ensure continuous uptime of critical operations so businesses can perform at their peak and maximize their resources. 

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