Boys Night Out Century Tuna SuperBods Challengers

Century Tuna SuperBods Celebrity Endorsers

Last night Century Tuna Superbods 2014 announced of John Lloyd Cruz joining Anne Curtis to be the newest endorser. Not only that Century Tuna Superbods are having celebrity challengers that will take that challenge and be transformed to a healthier, sexier body.


The celebrity challengers are the BOYS NIGHT OUT – DJ Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and SAM YG. Same as John Lloyd they will under the six-week challenge found in the website. This features daily workouts and systematized meal plan that they have to follow in strict accordance.

Boys Night Out

The Boys Night Out even shared their experience during their first week of taking the Century Tuna Superbod Challenge. To be able to achieve that transformation in being healthy and having that great body need discipline right from the very start.  With just a few weeks, they already saw the transformation with their body and healthy lifestyle.


This April 25 to 27 celebrities Anne Curtis, John Lloyd and the Boys Night Out will head over to Boracay to take part and celebrate in the Century  Tuna Superbods SuperChallenge 2014. A competition for males and females ages between 18 to 35 years old.

Try to visit the site and check out the workout by Coach Jim Saret and most interesting the meal plan created by the sexy Chef Nadine Tengco.


Nadine TengcoI already tried a few recipes and workout and I could say no pain no gain. It is hard to follow especially when I am the one who cooks for my boys. I have to prepare to separate meal for my boys and me. I wish that my meal were already pre-made so the only thing I need to prepare is for my boys.




Jim SaretWith regards with the workout, that Coach Jim Saret planned made my body hurt from day one. At first, I said to myself how hard it could be for a 4-minute workout. The next day I had body ache all over that made me stay longer in my bed.

As what Coach Jim Saret told, me that having that body ache is natural and I just need to be patient and in the end those body ache will be gone.



Let us be transformed into a healthy and sexy lifestyle!


Anne Curtis



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