Valentino Rossi supports Yamaha Lend a Hand Project

Valentino Rossi at Sta. Rosa Laguna


Just this February 23, 2014 Valentino Rossi arrived herein the Philippines to support Yamaha’s Lend a Hand Project. Lend a Hand Project is a charity effort to raise funds for the victim of Typhoon Yolanda.

Valentino Rossi arrived SM Sta. Rosa and all the media and fans are so happy to see him. Known as an Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion. He is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, with nine Grand Prix World Championships.

Valentino Rossi

Motor Riders came from different locations just to be able to see up close Valentino Rossi. Fans get to take photo ops and signed their gear with Valentino Rossi.


Not only that Valentino Rossi also changed in his racing suit to be the first one to try-out the racing circuit. Young and old are all so happy to see a Multiple MotoGp World Champion herein the Philippines.

Yamaha Lend a Hand

To help Typhoon Yolanda victims you just need to purchase Yamaha LImited Edition Racing Apparel in any Yamaha dealers or you can check it out at YZone Ortigas Branch.

Y Zone


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