Dyson Technology touchdown in the Philippines

Dyson vacuum

I mostly hate when my Allergic rhinitis attack while cleaning or I smelled something strange. My Allergic rhinitis usually triggered by dust, pollen, dust mites, smoke, or anything that relates to smelling. When I do my cleaning house chores I always wear surgical mask to avoid those allergen in being inhaled and would cause me allergy rhinitis.

My family and relative from my mom side almost all of them has allergic rhinitis. My boys also have allergic rhinitis like me and my relatives from my mom side.

Before I use a known wet and dry vacuum but one problem I encounter is the cost in replacing the filter especially the HEPA filter. If ever I will not be inserting the HEPA filter while using our vacuum the dust and other particles would only be going out the exhaust. So all those dust and particles would only circulate back into the air.

Dyson vacuum

Today I attended an event very known Vacuum brand Dyson. I was so interested about it I even researched about their products and this might be the vacuum I been looking for. The answer to my family relief against allergen that needed to be vacuumed for good.

Upon seeing and checking the product in person I could say I was impressed by it. They have three different types of vacuums.

  • Canister Vacuum
  • Small / Portable Vacuum
  • Upright Vacuum

Dyson Vacuum

Their vacuums are for not only home use but also be used in the office, cleaning the upholstery, in between sofa cushion or even vacuuming your car. This would also be in great use for pet owners and surely appreciate tools that help remove that pet hair.

With regarding the price yes they are quite pricey for a vacuum. The cheapest that they have is worth Php 38K+ and the expensive would be PHP 45k+. If I only have the money to buy, a Dyson Vacuum would be great.

Dyson vacuum filter


Dyson vacuum filter

What is great with their vacuum all of them are bag less filter. You do not have to replace those filters and buy them all over repeatedly. You just need to wash the filter with running water to be able to clean it.

One drawback of Dyson Vacuum is that all of their vacuums are only for dry. You cannot use it for wet purposes like the other vacuums in the market. However, hopefully they would have a wet and dry vacuum in the market and that would be great.

I hope that I get to get my funds to buy one even the cheapest one they have so I can try it out for myself. If their vacuum works eliminating those allergens that is causing my family allergies. I will surely buy another one I need all the vacuum power needed cleaning our house and three cars.


Do you use a vacuum in your home, car or office? If so what brand are you using and are you happy having that vacuum? Are you looking for a new vacuum that will cut your cost in buying those filters?


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