Environment Summit Fashion and Environment comes together

When we call it trash they usually end up to our garbage bin and out to the dumpster. But what if you can transform that trash into work of art and useful. One way you can make trash is to use trash materials in coming up fashion accessories and clothes.

This coming Environment Summit they will show how did they come up making trash or garbage into fashionable items.

During our round table meeting with Ms. Lilia Digna Rosales of FDAP (Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines) that they are having a series of activities to promote our fashion industry in the country. They will also offer scholarships for deserving students so that they can pursue their dream to ba a fashion designer.


Even that our fashion been bombarded with RTW from different company that most millennial often prefer in buying. Only few are still supporting fashion designers creation. This is one reason that fashion designers here in the Philippines opted to go abroad just to recognized.


Environment Summit

This coming June 21 to 24, 2016 will be having the Environment Summit will be held at MegaTrade Hall 1 and 2.

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