Locavore Kitchen x Drinks at Pasig Kapitolyo

There is a new restaurant that people are talking about and its name is Locavore located at Kapitolyo Pasig. Factory or warehouses within the Kapitolyo area surround Locavore. You will never imagine such restaurant can be founded within this area bringing Filipino dishes to the next level.




The place is relaxing and not that noisy like the other restaurant that you cannot even hear your conversation just next to you. There are three areas in where you can dine. The first is the closed air-conditioned area, the outdoor area and the umbrella area.

The Appitizers

Locavore Singkamas, Manga at Bagoong




For starters and while waiting for the main dish why not order Singkamas, Manga at Bagoong. It has bagoong, Patis with asukal, chili smoked rock salt, and Pickled Organic Cucumber and Onions.








Locavore Steet Food Platter



Do not forget the Filipino love the Street Food Platter. If your true blood pinoy you can enumerate what with this platter. It comes with fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, Kwek-kwek also known hardboiled egg that is deep-fried. With sauces Manong’s sauce, sweet chili sauce and Honey vinegar and onion.


The Main Dishes


Locavore Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken




Locavore Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken is one of their bestsellers and often matched with beer and drinks. It’s a house specialty glazed boneless fried chicken. It can be a little bit salty but if you are drinking beer, the saltiness is a great compliment.





Locavore Sizzling Sinigang







Sizzling Sinigang one of the dishes you should try out. They use beef short ribs and sautéed with French beans. They used sampaloc gravy and garlic confit for its flavors.




Locavore Kare-Kare Wings







In ordering in a Filipino restaurant who could ever forget not to order, the ever loved dish the Kare-Kare. The usual kare-kare has ox tails and well known as “tuwalya” or the beef tripe. Nevertheless, here at Locavore they made it into chicken wings. A six pieces of chicken wings and glazed with kare-kare. Served with buttermilk ranch dressing, singkamas, manga and bagoong.





Locavore Ginataang Kalabasa






Another must try is the Ginataang Kalabasa. Those people who wanted vegetables and pork in just one dish. It is served with Locavore Porkchops and shrimp. Mixed with puree kalabasa and with gata and French beans.





The Desserts


Before you end your dining experience at Locavore, we would recommend you should go for desserts. During our dining experience we tried the Turon con Leche and the Torta Manga.

Locavore Turon con Leche





The Turon con Leche is made of puff pastry, leche flan and salted egg Dulce de Gatas. It is served warm so that you can savor the creaminess of the leche flan and the salted egg Dulce de Gatas.





Locavore Torta Mangga






While the Torta Manga is served chilled. It has Mangga, Meringue, tablea and dulce de leche.







Locavore Sierra Madre Beer

Both desserts it’s a must try and if your into staying late and partying might as well get a bottle of Sierra Madre Beer.





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