Lock & Lock Hello Kitty Collection is here!!!

Who would ever not recognized the fictional character produced by the company Sanrio. That is revealed they say she actually a little girl from London. That is no other than Hello Kitty.

Lock & Lock Philippines just launched the Lock & Lock Hello Kitty Collection. From food containers, tumblers, bento boxes, lunch boxes, and airtight containers.

As well, all know that Lock & Lock is well-known from their airtight containers and microwave safe. Their products are made of high quality materials, which make it durable and resistant to heat and cold with being airtight items placed inside keep its freshness. In addition, Lock & Lock is Bisphenol (BPA) and Phthalates free ensuring your food is safe away from harmful chemicals that are usually found from plastics.

With the Lock & Lock Hello Kitty Collections kids, especially daughters would be excited to have Hello Kitty around in their bags and especially during snack time. Even moms like me even already in age will be excited to have one. Owning one Hello Kitty items shows that feminine side.

During the Lock & Lock Hello Kitty Collection launch, I also noticed they also have this luggage made by Lock & Lock. It is very lightweight and compact. I am not sure how durable and can withstand travel. Some luggage is as if this some of them fails and breaks especially when checked in. At the airport, people would throw luggage without care at all. With that luggage’s, be ruined and damaged. Someday if I have, the budget would like to try this out and will give you a review about it soon.

I own some Lock & Lock items that been keeping my food or items safe. I got this airtight cereal container from abroad making our cereals safe from ants and keeping it fresh. I was just sad that I tried asking Lock & Lock Philippines if they have it here in market. They told me they do not have the item that I had and suggesting me for other alternative containers.

I also hope that Lock & Lock would come up another cartoon character for boys next time. All of my kids are boys and having a special Lock & Lock container would be fun for them.

As of now, I been collecting Lock & Lock containers for different uses here at home, keeping my food safe from ants, and keeping it fresh and sealed.

Lock & Lock Branches

Lock & Lock Branches

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