Lock n Lock Philippines Fridge Door Jug 4.0L leaking

I just want to call attention to Lock n Lock Philippines coz we already tried calling your After Sales numbers and even texted somebody who is handling After Sales. We even called the branch in where we bought our Lock and Lock Water Pitcher 4L for numbers we can call.

I have nothing against Lock n Lock Philippines but with your After Sales staff seems like they are not doing their job. One of the brands I buy for storage and durable container is Lock and Lock. I own several items already I have a cereal container, water jug that I got all for my boys and many airtight containers for several items for storage that never let me down.

However, this time I bought a two Water Pitcher 4.0L from your Eastwood branch along with other items. With my whole trust with the brand, I immediately gift wrapped one of the Water Pitcher as present. However, upon receiving of the recipient I was asked if it normal the pitcher has licking. This called my attention and I told that if she can give back the present that I got and I would investigate the item.

Upon checking the Lock and Lock Water Pitcher 4.0L is leaking when you pour both from front and back. The back leak when the container is full and poured fully. I was alarming that I decided to put out the remaining Lock and Lock Water Jug 4.0L from my storage for future use.

The jug that I got also leaked that I feel so disappointed with the product. Why would I buy something from Lock and Lock Philippines that cannot even seal its contents inside the container? This water jug has a lockable lid.

We called Lock and Lock Eastwood branch and asked if that water jug is normal to leak. They said that they do not know. We are suggested to bring the item to them back and they will send the item to their head office at Quezon City. Nevertheless, they say it would take longer if they the one going to bring it head office. If we want the checking to be faster, we are advised to bring it personally to their head office.

I told them that it is a big hassle to bring the item to either to them because I do not go always at Eastwood and along their Head Office Quezon City. They did not give me any other option so I decided to find a schedule to really drop by and find their office.


lock and lock fridge door jug 4 liter b

Feb 17, 2015 coming from an event from E.Rodriguez, we got the time to go and find their office. We told the staff that we bought this jug and asked if it is normal, it leaks. We even told them we tried to re-insert the rubber seal in hoping the seal might be just loose. They answered they do not know and if we would allow the items to be left to them for checking. This woman gave us a stub that the item is received and they will update us of the results or we can call the numbers written in the paper. That once the item is verified defective they will send the replacement to the nearest branch to us. I ask why send to the branch is it possible to send to my home address. It is a hassle to go to their branch just to get an item in the first place is defective and not our fault.

It is more than a month already and I already forgotten about the item. I just remembered about the item when I was sorting with my papers and receipts. We tried to call the numbers its either deactivated or had problems and only once someone had answered and we were instructed to text Cherry Mae Dela Cruz that received our items.

It’s already April 7, 2015 still nobody is calling us we even left our number to their Lock and Lock Eastwood branch for the issue.

Lock & Lock Philippines Complaint Receipt

Lock & Lock Philippines Complaint Receipt

Is this is the kind of after sales support of Lock and Lock Philippines have? I paid for the item and I expected the item gone thru quality control. Even their sales staffs do not know about the item issues. If you are going to search about this product it really leak and customer is disappointed. The hassle of returning the item and getting it checked and replaced can be frustrating.

I paid for the item to be used and not be returned and no answers at all from any from Lock and Lock Philippines.

Did I make a mistake buying my Lock and Lock products here in the Philippines?

I should have it abroad instead knowing the quality of their items is better than the items here?

Are you one of those bought this Lock and Lock Water Jug 4.0L? I would suggest you check it for leaks and get it replaced. Coz why would an item would have a lid if it will only leak voluntary.

I was planning to make a review about this one but decided not post it yet. Giving Lock and Lock Philippines a chance to explain to me about the issue that other buyers will surely encounter sooner or later.

In order to get my item back I should get it from their branch. So I need to spend gas, parking, time and effort going thru the traffic because of an item in the first place is not my fault.

This is one of the reviews I got online about this product.

pitcher leaks horribly. The seal doesn’t work. I tried turning the seal around, and everything. It just doesn’t work!!

I really don’t want to go through the hassle of returning (finding a box to fit them, finding my receipt, etc)


Lock n Lock Fridge Door Jug 4.0L Description

– Design fits conveniently in fridge doors
– Great for water and fruit juices
– One touch stopper for easy opening
– Convenient handle with comfort grip
– 2 Sided locking system
– Air tight and watertight
– Easy washing – Durability

Dear Lock and Lock Philippines,

I support Lock n Lock products I even wrote about your Hello Kitty product line.

But with the after sales you have I am disappointed and with your staffs. A great product but with a weak after sales will make your company go down. I hope with this post of mine someone will already contact us about our items and give us explanation needed. We paid for a product so we can use and benefit from it not to give us headache, hassles and stress.

Thank you so much


Do you know anybody who bought the same items from Lock n Lock stores. This items should not be leaking and I would suggest you return it. We didn’t pay for something that is not doing it’s purpose.


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