My All New Ford Focus Experience

I love car and anything with wheels. When I heard that Ford Philippines just launched the all New Ford Focus just this July 2012. I’m so eager to test and try it out if the claims are true. Who would never want to have a car like this that have the features that every driver looking for.  I won’t tell what’s the features are and its for you  to find out. Watch my video to see it for yourself. I myself can’t believe it but yes no camera tricks, no scripts / acting and not even paid just to promote. If I have the budget to have this baby why not. Not only for the new features but also the comfort and security when my kids with me while on the road.


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WATCH THE VIDEO and tell me what can you say about it.  

I would like to thank Ford Philippines to giving me the chance to try out their All New Ford Focus. I would appreciate and love to know any and future news from Ford. I had also tried your Ford Fiesta during our Mommy Blogger Shell Fuel Save Challenge and I love your car.



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