Petron Stockholders Meeting at Valle Verde Country Club

Petron Stockholder Meeting 2013

Every year I always attended the Petron Stockholders meeting along with my parent. I been a Petron Stockholder from the start they offered  shares to the public. I was influenced by my dad in investing and one of them are Stocks. My investment with Petron is not much but atleast I have something to give to my children in the future.

Usually Petron Stockholders meeting are held at hotels in Metro Manila like Manila Hotel and Manila Midtown Hotel. They also held one of the meetings at SMX.  Always meetings like this start in the morning and will end before lunch.

This year the Petron Stockholders meeting is again held at the Valle Verde Country Club for the third time. The place that is hard to find parking and so hard to get there by public transpo.

I usually hear from stockholders why from all places Petron decided to held the meeting at this place. Most of the Petron stockholders are seniors and getting to places its hard for them. It all started when Petron was taken over by Filipino board members.

Every stockholder meeting people will ask if there’s any incentives that Petron will offer to us. Like discounts from fuel and other products of Petron.

Meeting usually last about 2 to 3 hours depending on the presentation and the question and answer portion. Now the meeting lasted for only One hour. I arrived late due to it rained, the traffic and hard to find parking space. Knowing the place near Ultra there’s no enough parking for the attendees.

I took me 45min to be able to find a suitable place to park and I was late. The registration starts at 10am until 2pm and I arrived at 2:45pm. At that time they are all packing up their laptops at the registration. People who are also late because of the traffic or got lost asking how can they register and to be able to get their tokens.

To make the story short the stockholders I have talked would like that the venue atleast be accessible and not crazy traffic area. Also even late stockholders should be given their tokens. They exerted effort to come and attend the meeting. It’s just without their control being late due to natural causes like the rain, accidents, traffic, parking and work. They also saying “nagtitipid na yata ang petron”.

They given us our meal bag that contain 7 pcs nuggets, sandwich with cheese and ham, 2pcs of cookies, 1 muffin, 1 jelly ace snackers, 1 San Miguel Super Strong Coffee Mix, 1 bottled water and 1 bottle juice.

As for our token they gave us 1 white t-shirt and 1 petron jacket. The picture about the are the tokens.

Before I forget they also sent the annual report to our homes one week of the meeting. It should be atleast one month of the meeting so that we can plot our schedules.

Hopefully next year they come up with a better venue with parking and


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