Wazzup Pilipinas damaging fellow blogger

In relation to my earlier post about the publicist going mad on social media. This post is focused on the Ross Flores Del Rosario about the following..

Wazzup Blackpropaganda

This was forwarded to us by someone in his facebook group. Upon reading this one he cited who is that person and allegedly accusing my son using his name and site to gain access to an event. Also citing that asking another token for me and tagging us right there and there as “GATECRASHERS”.

I believe the person didn’t even got the decency to even clarify the information sent to him. He will rather post it without analyzing the scene.


What’s to clear? You don’t even know what happening or the whole story of it. You say you don’t know anything and still you opted to post about it. That you should atleast confronted and clarify if the allegations are true.

It just disgusts me to know that once you’re told to do something you won’t even think twice in doing so even you say “WALA AKO KINALAMAN DIYAN”. Posting it on a group where we are not even members really shows how one-sided is this person. And you say you have the “Best community of bloggers”

As i mentioned on the previous post, the token is just a CD that anybody can buy from any music store.. Token’s are given as a sign of appreciation of attending. Token is not a proof of payment or “utang na loob” to give them nice reviews. Those cd’s won’t even pay for my hosting, computer/gadget expenses,  gas and etc.

Here is the whole thread the ross posted. It’s for you to decide if your going to laugh or disgusts about it. “Pinagfiestahan” full of assumptions, if and but, and WHAT?









I am thankful to the bloggers that informed me of the allegations. Everyone of us bloggers hate to be mistreated by other’s even when we are doing nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong in letting all the wrong’s doing to be out to the public. Just make it sure the information is liable, true and detailed.

As for the other’s commented to the Facebook thread that ross has posted. I hope next time avoiding speculations and assuming. Rather than helping your just making it worst. Everybody knows even you’re not my Facebook friend you can still send me a private message. Of course if you blocked me from your facebook surely you can’t send me a message. I you have problems with me or my son we would appreciate the face to face confrontation. “Mano-Mano kung gusto mo”. If not you better shut up your pot-hole.

I think there is nothing wrong sending my son to also represent me in some events. He is my son and not other blogger out there and we both going to blog about it. There are bloggers will send someone and still will get two tokens. “Kilala nyo na sino kayo!”

I am not that blogger will bring husband/wife/kid to events and get an extra tokens. Saying she or he has also a blog that has been dormant for month or years ago. I always ask for approval  from the organizers if I can bring someone. Because I hate issues and “chismis” that other bloggers are so fond of doing so.

We entered blogging community as a hobby and give honest write-ups and reviews. We are not the “lagare bloggers” event here and there as if it’s already regular job gaining tokens and getting free stuff.

As for you ross saying “wala ka kinalaman” well your wrong to the fact you announced it to your group it’s very clear you have the big part of it. You should at least settled it privately first. And you call yourself person of “best community of bloggers”?

As others would say it’s very clear its a black propaganda of persons from the previous issues the blogger plus 6 , spam email issue and rotten blogger.

The blogger plus 6 is all about a blogger abusing the kindness of the PR to have PLUS 6 in an event. The 6 people tagging along never thought plus 6 is too much. Here is the post of that link BLOGGERS PLUS6.

The email spam issue is someone created a bogus email and email blast bloggers and pr’s in relation to that blogger plus 6 and other issues. Here is the link: Spammer Email.

The rotten blogger is the same blogger at blogger plus 6 but now he has the nerve to ban me and other bloggers to other blogger/pr’s. Here is the link : Rotten Blogger

Try to think of it who are those people of capable of doing these things? Just because “lumabas ang modus in public”. hmmmm….

Magalit na mga magalit hanggang hindi lumalabas mga modus na mali eh hindi aayos ang blogging community. Wala pinag-kalayo sa politika na corrupt at power-trippers.

As for the PR, Event organizers I hope you would check it out who are the people you should really ban and invite. I pity those pr’s just banning bloggers because of hearsay by others.

Thank you for your time reading my post and it’s for you to decide about this issue.




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6 thoughts on “Wazzup Pilipinas damaging fellow blogger

  1. Ross is not, and was never, an “influential blogger”.

    • Jeffrey Rilles

      Sino si Ross, wat blog nya?

      • singlemomsupermom

        He call himself top blog sa pinas. He keep na bragging na top influencer daw sya kasi awarded daw sya.

    • singlemomsupermom

      That is what he keep on bragging that he is awarded as one of the top influencers this year. So he has all the yabang to do that. Even with his current issues he still has the face to attend events and still brag to organizers his blog and being so influencial.

  2. Arpee Lazaro

    all this bullshit about limiting entrance to events is pure self-righteousness. if these blogger truly understood marketing and why events are being done, no one would give a shit about bringing who or what along to an event. bloggers who actually engaged mr del rosario is such talk is as feeble-minded and as clueless as him in this talk about gatecrashers and what not. ang hirap sa mga bagong bloggers pumapasok kayo sa issues na hindi ninyo naintindihan and that is what separates the haves from the have nots. im sorry to be blunt but that is the plain honest truth. if anyone blogs because of the damn loot bags then that is EXACTLY what you deserve to get, garbage loot. blogging is higher calling and requires professionalism, ethics and a sterling reputation. sadly, not all bloggers are created equal. ganun talaga.

    • singlemomsupermom

      That is the problem with other bloggers they see themselves na sila na lang ang meron karapatan magevents. At gagawa ng gagawa ng paraan to pull down yung sino sa tinggin nila competition nila. Crab Mentality!

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