PRIDE Powerwash Laundry Detergent making my laundry finished in half the time


Pride Powerwash

I was raised without a yaya or maid to do our chores so I know how to work around the house. Now, with my kids, I am also raising them without a yaya to avoid dependency. I want my children to do their designated chores. But as my kids are still small, I only designated to them the basic house duties while I do the big chores like cooking and doing the laundry.

As a mom I’m on the lookout for products that would fit our budget while still with the highest standard. From time to time I try out other products and give them a test if it would suit my lifestyle and of course my budget.

I was given a chance to try out and review one of the known laundry products named “PRIDE”. I asked my mom if she heard of the product and had tried it. PRIDE Powerwash Detergent is one of my mom’s options when buying laundry detergents.

Few Rinsing Cycle

I tried several laundry products and one of the problems that I encounter is having a hard time rinsing our clothes. I often would need to rinse our clothes 3 to 4 times just to get rid of those bubbles made by the laundry detergent.

Pride Powerwash

Pride Powerwash

With Pride, it made my rinsing cycle less and I finished doing my laundry in half the time compared with before.

Bye-Bye stain way!!!

With my boys they could be really messy in and outside of the house while playing. They love getting dirty and all sweaty during play time. They love to roll, run, jump.

I can’t avoid that from time to time, my kids would stain and get their clothes all dirty. With the other laundry detergent that I used I still needed to use bleach to emove those stubborn stains and dirt. Next I needed to do manual washing or make “kusot” just to be able to remove those stains.  What I hate most is doing manual washing.

With Pride I tested my son’s white sando and dirty socks.  It removed those stubborn dirt and stains. Also I never even needed to add any bleach just to achieve that whiteness I was looking for.  “Tama sa mantsa – because of the Stain-Away formula, so no need for manual washing “kusot”.

Made for Washing Machine

Trying out PRIDE Powerwash Laundry Detergent, even if it’s for washing machines, it’s not harsh to hands. Not like the other brands which have this rough and burning feeling when you get your hands soaked while transferring your clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Pride also doesn’t have chalk, making it good for washing machines.

Pride Powerwash Laundry Detergent

As a mom who is always on the move and looking for products that can give good quality and is right for my budget, Pride Powerwash would be in my list that can do the job when it comes to laundry.

Did you ever try PRIDE Powerwash before? What can you say about it? If not I would greatly suggest you try it out.



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