Tupperware Eco Bottle Make Everyday World Water Day

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I hate when I see in the trash many plastic drinking bottles that would end up to either clogging the sewers or our dumpsites. Such plastics are not recyclables and can leech plastic chemicals to our environment.

I usually do when I am at home rather putting those plastic bottles along with the ordinary trash. I collect and separate them in a different plastic bag. Yes! It can be space consuming and it would take up time before I can fill up my garbage bag. However, as I always say with my kids that “who would start helping our environment? Nobody but US!” I practice what I preach, you can even visit my home, and you could see garbage bags ready for bringing to the junk shop.

It is a good thing knowing that Tupperware Brands the country’s leading direct selling company has join the United Nation Movement in celebrating WORLD WATER DAY. World Water Day is globally commemorated annually every March 22.

With this, they are promoting in using environment-friendly drinking containers to lessen plastic bottles in our trash.

Tupperware Eco Bottles is safe for reuse and has non-toxic materials. Tupperware Eco Bottle features a screw-on cap to prevent leaks and spills, and is ergonomically shaped for easy grip. Tupperware Eco Bottle is available in 500ml, 750 ml, and 1L.

I myself have a Tupperware Eco Bottle and it is very handy and does not spill not like the other drinking bottles out there. Now knowing Tupperware Eco Bottle comes with wide selection of color to choose from. Mine does not have a hole on the cap but now all Tupperware Eco Bottle has one so you can personalize and hang you keychain or charms.

You can bring the Tupperware Eco Bottle to your outdoor or slip them into your bag so you have drinking water, anytime, anywhere


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