Ministop Philippines contest Shenanigans

Last night or I could say early in the morning I got the urge for chocolates. So me and my kids decided to go out to buy some midnight snacks. We went to Ministop is just outside our subdivision. I grab some chocolate ice cream, choco bars and siopao for all us.

While at the counter I saw a promo that once you buy a cellphone prepaid card you can join the showtime raffle. I asked the counter and he told me he didn’t know about it and they don’t have the prepaid card. So ok fine I just buy next time I visit the store.


Next I asked the Jei-R the Shift Leader how can I join the contest showtime raffle. He just said you just need to buy the products that are placed at their front rack. Upon checking the raffle poster and products displayed. One of the products participating is selecta. So we asked what selecta product is entitled for joining the raffle. Again he said that only products placed in their front rack. It show he didn’t understand nor know the details of the raffle of the store he working. “We brought half-gallon of selecta ice cream but its not in front rack it means we are not eligible?” Jei-R just said that he didn’t know anything because he is just new. I told him your new but your already a SHIFT LEADER. Leader should know what their store have and promos.


I saw another drop box beside the showtime drop-box and this one is for the Hershey kisses raffle. I told him that how can I join and again he told me any products indicated. “pwede ba ako sumali dito? bumili muna po kayo ng product nasa listahan.” I told him kabibili ko lang. But wait how can I join both contest if I only have one receipt? Again the shift leader is confused and can’t give me an answer.


In the end I told Jei-R the Shift leader I will come back and would rather talk to the supervisor. Also told him that he didn’t know anything what Ministop is offering for its customers.

I ask Ministop Philippines do people you hire and put as shift leaders are not trained nor informed of the company promos and mechanics? Also why the receipt is needed for a raffle. Like me I am eligible for both raffle but I only have one receipt. Also some people need the receipts for business or personal records. You should offer raffle stubs for customers to fill out.

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