Rotten Blagger strikes again with his bad deeds

Remember my post about the Bloggers Plus 6 now this person strikes again in doing his bad deeds.  Making a desperate move to ban me and other bloggers is still his forte. He wanted us to be banned just because of his personal problems that he can’t handle it personally. Feeling influential and with perfect grammar to even pm the PR/blogger.

If you could remember last year this person started contacting PR, companies,  blogger/PR to ban me, my son and 3 other bloggers by texting, email and etc just to be able to ban.  He made reasons that is unreasonable and telling we have a legal case.


I texted Cueto and saying he done a desperate move.



This is his answer and accusing me to be that mark anthony and even @expressshowbiz. He even say I cursed his wife but can’t even show any proof.


janesse twitter

janesse twitter2

Ito yung ginamit nya twitter accout na kung ano ano pinagsasabi.


Now this year he done it again and even PM the PR to be able to ban us. We were invited Me, my son, myke Rome and John Cueto at this event and needing to take a shuttle service going to the location. It shows in the conversion that just because we will be with the group and him without anybody from his gang with him he attempted to ban us or would rather decline the invite because of us. Afraid of having a confrontation with us.


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto


did you accept the following bloggers?

Jeremy Emata Corrine Emata Kuya Myk Rome



accept for what?


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

for your event this saturday..



i just sent the invites… its up to them if they will come or not.. it depends on the sign up sheet… why?


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

sorry but this 3 people are i hate the most and are also banned to other PR

I don’t trust them anymore..


(PR)it’s not really my place to ban… i just post the requirements (for my boss’) then if blopggers sign up… i just have to respond in the usual manner…

may i ask why exactly did you lost your trust in the said bloggers?

because we can only act based on specific grounds… which i also have to submit kina boss for review


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

i don’t mean to partly negative this people to you, but other blogger may speak negative about this 3 bloggers


(PR) oh… i wish i could get more info…


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

Myk Rome is in the list of Police Blotter due life threat

including Orly Pasion


(PR)  its very hard to act upon the situation if i dont really know the story or how it may affect the group…


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

Corrine created an issue on a baseless fact against me and 5 other more bloggers

this is why this people are certainly no invites from other blooger

but if you wish to invite them i have nothing against to your invitation

it’s just that i don’t if you do and definitely the will appear i cannot join to your invitation


(PR)i see… maybe what i can do is submit a report to my bosses regarding this matter… but i may probably need some type of a letter… (its a procedure kasi that the company needs, since they really do not have any familiarity with the situation)


(PR)i understand your concern… i will keep this in mind.. however, for saturday, the invites has been sent out… i will just probably give you updates if these individuals will attend or not… at this point kasi, it’s very hard for the company to withdraw any invitatios that were already sent out. I hope you understand my situation


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

i do understand…

even if i cant be there i will still be posting your PR

if you do realy want to know what corinne did


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

you may check her blog,d.aGc



oh thank you for this


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

and see what he did

i mean she did



okay.. we will get into this and have it reviewed

thank you for your advice…


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

oh btw si myk lagi lang yan na coconfirm pero hindi naman talaga sumisipot

corrine is always copy and paste of blog from other blog site at isang posting lang sila ni jeremy

meaning they will get 2 lootbags and they will post only 1 ..


For me who the hell are you JOHN CUETO to even ask to ban us. You’re blog’s are copy paste. Even when you attend an event still you will post the press release and don’t even have time to write your own. For the lootbags well I am not the one bringing a wife and sometimes also the son in events and getting two lootbags. Oh yeah you will say your wife has a blog that the last time I checked it’s been months or years last updated.

Excuses me how many years are you in the blogging and still you can’t afford to buy your own .com and let me ask what PR rank are your blogs or may I say bulok.

Saying you’re perfect let me tell you try to check your English grammar and ask your public principal wife to teach you how before you judge other people. Oh just remember all of your post are all press release and you will write a very short note “VERDICT”. What’s that a trial court guilty or not. hehehe!!!



@John… sayang di ka nakapunta


batman ekJohn Remir Cueto

am having a second thought of attending coz i am waiting yur confirmation thru txt..


Ah okay. But I don’t send invites via text e. It’s either email or FB PM. Anyways, next event na lang pre


batman ek
John Remir Cueto

ok lang…

Just so funny “masyado ka pa importante kasama ka na nga sa group PM of invited kailanggan mo pa ng text. Iba na talaga ang influencial at importante.”

For the PR I salute you and handling it in a professional way and would gather more information and not giving in to this person desire .

Tanong ko sa inyo lahat sino kaya ang bitter dito kasi kami na pinababan nya tahimik at wala kami ginagawa ng like ng ginagawa nya. Yan plus6 issue nagdamay sya ng 6 na tao na sama sa event at makapal ang mukha mag pa plus 6 sa PR. Tapos ngayon may kapal ng mukha mag ask mag ban ng tao.

Kung baseless lahat ng sinasabi ko. Saan ko naman kaya makukuha mga info’s ko. I dare the people involved plus this person and the pr’s to have a face to face confrontation to settle this. Sabi nga baseless diba magka alamanan na sino nagsasabi ng totoo. Kasi ako I won’t gamble my name and my credibility sa baseless info’s. Maganda pa live streaming natin para lahat ng tao nakaka alam eh ma-enlighten nga.

Dito palang alam nyo na sino capable gumawa ng spam email at kung ano ano sabihin at palabasin ako ng email. Gusto kumuha ng sentiments sa mga tao kesyo ano sinisiraan. Hirap pa nagdadamay pa ng ibang tao at blogs sa usapan. Good job kasi style mo bulok. Sino kaya dapat ang talaga pa ban dahil gumagawa ng kapalpakan. Makapal pa rin ang mukha to attend events at magdidikit sa mga influencials kasi feeling nya influencial rin.

Kasi ako buong buo ang loob ko isiwalat sa blog ko ang kolokohan ng tao na ito at malaman ng lahat meron ganito makapal ang mukha sumisira sa blogging community.  I never thought na parang showbiz / political itong blogging. My mga tao maiinggit at pilit ka hahatakin pababa. “CRAB MENTALITY”. As per advice from other bloggers na don’t lose hope coz these trials would make me stronger and better. So with that I will just follow these advice and hopefully I will succeed in the end.

This is not a personal vandetta and not even related to it. I just want to point out yung mga kalokohan ng mga katulad nya na dapat hindi pinalalagpas. This kind of people should be stopped to stop spreading the rottenness to other people. One rotten apple indeed.

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