OH MY GULAY: Camille Prats’ kids love eating veggies?! Here’s how to make your kids love them too!

“I really used to struggle kasi hate na hate talaga ng kids ko dati ang veggies – ayaw nila yung taste. Taste
is so important for kids, so I ensure na dapat na-eenjoy nila mga sineserve ko.”

Have you sat with your kids way past mealtime just to make sure they eat their veggies on the plate? How
about resorting to bargaining more gadget time for just one more bite of that carrots? Well, you’re
definitely not the only momma doing that. Even celebrities like Camille Prats have to do a bit of
negotiating just to get her kids to eat their veggies.

Luckily, she shares some handy hacks with Spot.ph to do the trick without the crying, the bargaining, and
the unnecessary drama that fills mealtime.

Here are 3 easy peasy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies according to Camille:

  1. Oh My Gulay! May Gulay! – Instead of only serving your kids veggies, partner your kids’ meals with
    Tang Fruit & Veg. It comes in two flavors: Orange Carrot, which has the Vitamin C from oranges and
    Vitamin A from carrots, and Dalandan Malunggay, which has the Vitamin C from dalandan and the Iron of
    malunggay. Tang Fruit & Veg has the delicious taste of fruits AND the nutrition from veggies in a drink
    that kids love! Camille can vouch this – her kids love its taste so much, they actually ask her for it
    themselves! Yummy na, masustansya pa!
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  1. SmartMom Recipes – No need to work hard, just work smart! Incorporate veggies in delectable recipes
    that you know your kids will surely love. Your kids won’t notice that veggies are actually the main
    ingredient because of its delicious taste!
  1. Appearance is key – Kids are very visual so it’s really all about making their plate look fun! Focus on
    making veggies look appetizing by using creative shapes and brightly colored bowls to increase their
    appetite. You can even add in their favorite animal or cartoon character for that extra wow factor! You can
    go as simple as making trees out of broccoli or more complex as making pirates from cucumbers– the
    idea stays the same: make it fun!

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