Larawanatkape Blogger’s Plus 6 Issue Revealed

As per request of the people got involved and among the Plus 6 issue they wanted and requested to clear their names that they are just invited to that event with this blogger and they are not the one who asked the PR for a PLUS 6. That the focus should not be who are the Plus 6 but the one who invited the Plus 6. We are very sorry that your names were involved and to clarify the story we made this so that TRUE story will be revealed. Reminder the post that Myk posted on his twitter is actually a direct message that’s why the name of the culprit is named “unggoy”.

  The Whole Story of the Plus 6 I attended this event just this month at Maxim Terraces of Resorts World Hotel in Pasay City and will be followed at the Cinema 3 of Resort World. It’s a RSVP event and selected bloggers received an email from the PR. No confirmation no attendance as we all know there would be a headcount. During the event the PR asked me do I know this “JOHN REMIR CUETO“. I asked why and PR told me coz this person is asking if he can PLUS 6. I was shocked about it the idea to have a PLUS 6 is too much. We usually have issues in plus 1 but PLUS 6. I was speechless and I could see that the PR is angry about it. The idea this person asking for PLUS 6 for the event the nerve to ask in the last-minute is not appropriate.

I know the PR is a nice person but to do such thing is not proper. It’s so hard to organize an event and to select the people to attend their events. The PR said “I won’t reply to his text and he should know it’s a RSVP”. I suggested to the PR to make a reply so that the other people with him will not be going anymore. Surely they are already on their way from an earlier event from BGC. Dinner is almost over then this “JOHN REMIR CUETO” arrived with his wife Blesilda Cueto. We could see the angry face of the PR. Then the two ate dinner even dinner is almost finished. After they finished eating the PR talked to “JOHN REMIR CUETO“. You can see the face of the PR so angry and JOHN REMIR CUETO face in trying to explain.

After a few minutes were asked to go at Resort World Cinema 3 to witness the contestant on that said event. We went to the cinema ahead of the said two persons. I was surprised to see my fellow 3 bloggers and with 2 other male friends that I don’t know personally sitting at the back seats of the cinema. I asked what events they had gone and who are they are with. Of course they are the people JOHN REMIR CUETO invited to that event. Without their knowing it’s not a “just movie” event but a RSVP event.    They came from BCG and took the taxi just to get to RWM. Now they are there and not yet had dinner. As the event is still ongoing and still no winners yet. So we need to wait for the victorious winners. They stayed at the event for almost more than an hour then they left the event earlier and didn’t wait who will be the winner/s. We were early at the event and finished the event. The event started at 6:30pm and finished at 10:30pm.


Feedback from the people got involved:

As per feedback from the people involved they said they were just invited by this JOHN REMIR CUETO

blogger 1- Movie invites lang ang pakay namin , kahit lootbag wla kming intensyon kumuha.

blogger 2 – Ang alam kc namin nung cnma kmi ni kuya john, manood ng cine, and to my surprise ibang event po yun

blogger 3 – john just invited me to watch a movie  –hindi namin alam na may event dun! mononood lang kami ng movie ! YUN LANG!

So the +5 people involved were dragged to this event without knowing what kind of event it is. The PR sent an email about the event as for the blogger at least you should advance researched about the event or product. John Remir Cueto has a confirmation for the event so he should be responsible to know about it. As a responsible blogger it’s not proper to text the PR on the time of the event for PLUS+. Maybe they can squeeze in plus 1 but plus 6 is too much and knowing he wanted to have a plus kid.


PR feedback

This is the text reply from the PR regarding of the issue to verify everything and there are people already talked to the PR about this matter. It’s all confirmed this is not rumors “chismis” and this is true story.LarawanatKape plus 6

Myk Rome Credibility He knew about the event because he has a good source me, other attendee’s and the PR.

Larawanatkape banning bloggers

John Remir Cueto bombarding us with other fellow bloggers

“I don’t think asking PR to ban U” –  He done texted and warned other blogger and PR’s mentioning our name with Myk Rome, Orlee Passion, Tin Gonzaga and Jeremy Emata to be ban and other stories.  Only one person has the grudge about us and no other person will make us be banned from PR’s but him.

This is my text to John Remir Cueto

John Remir Cueto big no brainJohn Remir cueto libel


Threw out the conversation thru text I remembered I didn’t even cursed his wife in our text. Look at the first sentence he admit he don’t pm and would rather texted the PR’s coz he personally know them. Hey as for me to be assumed to be that other people who will be foul. Calling @expressshowbiz and who is mark the one you created just to get sentiments from others. You’re so low – Major LOOSER. What can you say he even used somebody twitter account. Hey! No excuses! You should notice the profile pic from the twitter account is different. “Bakit magkamukha na ba kayo?”John remir cueto using other twitter account


He even used other blogger’s account. What will the followers of this blogger would say and think about her. Because of these damages has already been made to this blogger. To make you laugh what word is “Stoker”?


  1. In every event you will get invites and see to it reply to their RSVP. If you didn’t reply that mean you’re not going to attend.
  2. Avoiding texting the PR’s at the time of the event for special request. In the first place you should at least informed them before not during.
  3. Some events plus 1 or bringing kids is ok. But plus 6 is too much.
  4. If you’re late at the event at least finish the event.
  5. If someone told you if you want to join him/her at the event try to verify what event is that and have a true confirmation from the PR email or text before you tag along.  To avoid gate crashing and unplanned travels.
  6. You should use your judgment before you try to tag along to any event.  Are you on time, confirmation, what kind of event?

Not all the blogger’s have bad behavior’s some are just dragged by other bad bloggers. Some just don’t know what to do and innocent about how to go and be around. We make mistakes and with this mistake we must learn from it and admit it not denying it. If you see a fellow doing wrong things as a friend you should guide each other not tolerate its wrong doing. We should strive to be a better blogger to reach that excellence that we can be proud of. I am just new in the blogging community and I still I have more lessons to be learned.  I do blogging as a hobby not for a career. I try to avoid bad vibes and bad people. Good vibes plus good people bring me blessing in simple ways.

Brief Background of John Remir Cueto

He has this company named SYSTECH Solutions and he saying he is a VP of this company without employees and no office address.  He says he is a La Salle alumnus and they live or have a house at BF Homes near Joey Marquez. He said they have a car but needed to park at their Ortigas condo because there is no parking at their place at Caloocan. But the truth is it’s her sister condo and Innova and not his. His wife told me that it’s his sister not his. He says he is a computer tech professional ek ek but many don’t think so.

He has this case with a media company that he used his ID for free passes to events and others.

He even used that ID to get off the hook from the MMDA for a traffic violation.

He also calls himself a photographer. He not known by the professional photographers and don’t have any portfolio of his works. I remember he told me he has a photo shoot and I asked what kind of photo shoot. A photo shoots of public students of his wife school for their class id and class picture. A professional photographer laughed knowing a photo shoot is with a model not for a class id or class picture. Usually a photo shoot is done in a photo studio. With the camera he has it’s not for a professional photographer. With the way he takes photos a professional photographer is not even impressed and he needed a lesson in photography.

He say he’s a professional blogger with as his blog. One of his blog is larawanatkape.wordpress

I don’t remember the other lies and stories he told me but with this is it’s for you to judge. But one thing me and the other people that knows him he is a definite “Social Climber” If you have anything to share about this person credibility just PM me or email.


Disclaimer: I would like to thank you for the people who helped and feed us the photos and info needed for this issue. Photos taken are publicly posted and seen by other people already before we got it. Thank you for the people has put their trust and faith in us.

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