Coca-Cola 100th Anniversary: Sharing Happiness to the media


After 2 hours of grueling traffic and road maintenance and got lost in the Makati area because we’re not familiar with the best routes going to the event. Hey! Don’t want to waste a good invites in a such event like this. I was given a chance to attend coz a blogger can’t attend the said event and so I’m the one who represented the slot for the invite. At last we arrived at the Coca-Cola Media launch even late we still managed to get in time for the showing of the TVC that Coca-Cola made for their 100th year Anniversary.


Seeing the TV commercials made me realized that how long has it been that Coke been a part of every filipino family. It doesn’t matter if there’s a celebration or just plain just want to be refreshed drinking a glass of Coke. After dinner people transferred to the what I called “Coke Room” but me and my son was still eating our dinner because we arrived late. hehehe! We can’t resist having our halo-halo for desert even they where already starting on the other room for the raffle and games.


Why I called Coke room because it has lots of memorabilias that Coke has thru the years. Wally Panganiban, TCCEC Public Relations Manager mentioned that they will have lots of  surprises in store as Coke celebrates their 100 years in the Philippines. They will show that Coca-Cola is the best that the people made the right choice. So that filipino people need to watch out for their announcements and promos.

Coca-Cola also prepared some games and raffle for the media attendees.They given special Coke prizes and what’s best of all they giving  4 Ipad2 that everybody was hoping for to get picked from the raffle. As soon we had finished eating we came to the Coke room and saw them playing the “Coke bayong” . At the end of the game the winner get that chance to choose from the “Coke Bayong” her prize. But sadly the winner didn’t got the best prize that is placed on the letter “K” bayong guess what its a IPAD2.



After the game they also showed the Coca-Cola Foundation and other projects that have for the filipino people. As the program almost to finish they raffled off some coke items and best of all the remaining IPAD2. They also gave red wine to everybody to make a toast for the celebration of 100th Anniversary of Coca-Cola Philippines

I was talking to a co-blogger of mine they were looking for this person that who won the Ipad2  in the raffle.  To my suprise they are calling for the person that I  representing  the slot for the invites. I came forward to claim the prize and had a photo-up holding the Ipad2. Just can’t imagine from 150+ people on that night and eyeing for the IPAD2. How can I expect to be picked from the raffle.  Often I heard that seldom a blogger get to be picked in a big raffle like this. Maybe its just God’s ways of giving deserving people  blessing. Also I been lucky when my baby is with me and he always bringing me luck. Coca-Cola Philippines really knows how to share the happiness even to us media in raffles and giving out tokens after the event. What a good way to start a year of the Dragon and celebrating 100th Anniversary with Coca-Cola with an Ipad2 that would be great help to me and my boys.

But sadly the lady from Coca-Cola told us that the person who should claim the prize is the name in the raffle. We tried to explain that I can claim the prize coz I’m representative. To make the story short  so we said ok that we taken her word for it that the person will be able to claim it or she can give an authorization letter to me if she is busy to personally claim.  Better yet if Coco-Cola decided to directly give the prize to me would be great. In the first place I am there at the event that I can claim the prize already and given the time and effort and got almost lost. hehehe!!! The lady said they will update me about it.  As what they say “Those you wait shall be rewarded”.

Overall about the event we enjoyed a lot and never been proud of Coca-Cola. Love the food and the unlimited Coke in can to drink. hehehe!!! We looking forward for more surprises that would make filipino people happpy. As what they had started spreading the happiness to everyone giving excellent quality products. Thank you Coca-Cola Philippines that you may bring more happiness to the filipino people. More years to come so that my boys will also enjoy happiness of Coca-Cola. As media we are more willing to share to love and happiness as what Coca-Cola Philippines is giving to us.



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10 thoughts on “Coca-Cola 100th Anniversary: Sharing Happiness to the media

  1. Anonymous


  2. Vonn_david

    what an experience, nice

  3. Congratulations for Cola-cola for their dominance in this industry for a hundred years now!

  4. James

    Yes indeed Coca-Cola know how to make us happy. That you had experienced first hand what happiness they can give in winning Ipad. Please post your pictures with your prize. Does it have a Coca-Cola cover that would be nice.

    • Anonymous

      Sure I will post some pictures when I get it. Yah! I hope there’s a Coca-Cola cover.hehehe.

  5. Tomas

    Congratulation for Coca-Cola and your family in winning the raffle. Coca-Cola really knows how to make people happy by giving it back to the people who supported them. Hey magpacheeseburger with Coke ka naman dyan.

  6. Carol

    Congratulation for Coca-Cola and your family in winning the raffle. Coca-Cola really knows how to make people happy by giving it back to the people who supported them. Hey magpacheeseburger with Coke ka naman dyan.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Carol. Oo ba cheeseburger pla eh basta may kasama Coke masarap.

  7. Coca-cola is really doing great. I just love their campaigns and how they do bring happiness to Filipino families. I wish them the best and may they continue bringing love and joy even after their hundredth year in the industry. And congrats on winning the raffle. I hope you’ve already received the prize 😉

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